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We know the journey to become a music professional is complex one. There's just so many things to figure out: songwriting, mixing, mastering, music production, publishing, marketing, business & monetization, amongst many others. In efforts to make the process easier and shorten the learning curve, we created this incredible resource: MusicMastermind Academy. We'll not only demistify all of these concepts at a high level but will provide you with the tools to obtain an even higher level of awareness and execution capabilities when it comes to all of these professional concepts.

Advanced Audio Engineering Certificate

Why choose us vs. traditional Audio Engineering Schools?

Most traditional audio engineering schools will help you establish fundamental concepts that while useful, are not enough to help you secure professional opportunities in the audio engineering field when it comes to professional music development. We know this after running Miami's top commercial recording studio for over 10 years: Noisematch Studios.

This is why we created an affordable audio engineering online degree that will give you access to all of our cumulative knowledge and experience so that you can have a competitive edge when securing professional opportunities as an audio engineer, regardless of your skill/experience level & purchasing power.

looking for audio engineering schools
looking for audio engineering schools

Music Business Pro Certificate Program

Get a real life music business degree!

music business degree 2.0

While having a music business degree from a school can certainly help you gather awareness of the overall professional dynamics of the industry, it is certainly no replacement for real life experience. In fact, most successful people in the music industry usually never went to school for music business and they learned by doing. In our eyes there is definitely a better way to go about it from an educational standpoint and this is why we created our very own online music business degree: The Music Business Pro Certificate program.

Through it you will not only build a solid foundation on general business practices but will receive all of our cumulative, empirical & experiential knowledge that is up to date with the current modern music business landscape; not from an outdated source from a model you can only fully experience if you're a superstar, but from real life examples you can use as a guide to navigate the landscape and find your place within the business. Learn why we're ranked within the top audio engineering schools online.

Welcome the music business degree 2.0.

Advanced Music Production Certificate

Learn the art of music production from the source!

Traditional music production and audio engineering schools can be great for giving you the basic foundation of music production but won't be able to relay the behind-the-scenes tips & tricks that top producers use today as they're not students in any school but rather working in their own studios.

This is what makes our music production world different. You'll receive all of the cumulative wisdom from Alex J himself, whether you get access to a single online music production course or choose to get certified through one of our certificates.

Not only is he a professional music producer since 16 years old but he's been involved with some of the most iconic records of music history produced inside his HQ: Noisematch Studios.

Alex j music production schools miami

DAW Certificate ProgramS

Become a master engineer/producer with our DAW certificates!

In order to become a true master audio engineer or producer you need to have total confidence in your knowledge and task execution when it comes to your Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. Having agility when working comes from not only knowing your DAW inside and out but optimizing your workflow for faster & smoother sessions.

Inside MusicMastermind Academy we go beyond the typical protools certification classes or FL studio online course since we take the time to craft amazing & in-depth certificate programs for most major DAWs, not only covering the grounds for operator certification but including extra added value that will allow you to maximize your new knowledge so you can produce bigger & better results faster than you ever thought possible.

PRO TOOLS | From certified operator to expert:

✅ Fundamentals 1 – 101 (PT101)

✅ Fundamentals 2 – 110 (PT110)

🎹 Production I – 201 (PT201)

🎹 Production II – 210(PT210)

🎹👽 Advanced Music Production Techniques (PT310M) *requires LIVE in-studio testing

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

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  • Music Production 
  • Pro Tools Certification
  • Music Business
Audio Engineering
What is the best college for audio engineering?

MusicMastermind Academy is definitely the online authority on audio engineering courses & certificates. We even offer on-site certifications. Please contact us for more information on on-site testing.

Is it worth going to school for audio engineering?

If you want to professionally live off your engineering craft, then YES. It is 100% worthwhile. There's a surplus of engineers coming on the field everyday but VERY FEW exceptional & prepared professionals. Let's help you be part of the 1%.

How do you become an audio engineer?

Through dedication, hard work and the right mentorship/training. You'll need to train yourself both on both digital and analog domains.

How long does it take to become an audio engineer?

This is a truly subjective question but if you're seriously motivated to get things done, you can become a professional engineer in around 6 months.

Why choose you over Berklee Online or others?

We design our digital experience with you in mind, we're going above and beyond to infuse as much real world experience and added value as possible beyond what traditional educational vehicles can offer. We also set a higher stardard for our certification programs (it's not easy to obtain) and last but not least we're the most affordable option online if you're seriously contemplating to become a professional in music.

Music Production 
What is the best school for music production?

We'd like to think we are, at least that's what all of our students are saying. Some of them come from trying other BIG schools & eventually switch over to us. Learn why we're one of the best music production schools in the world!

Are music production schools worth it?

While traditional educational vehicles help, they're not ideal. You'll still have to put in a lot of work and hopefully shadow for years under someone that knows what they're doing and have the patience to teach you. This is the main reason we create the academy, to reduce the learning curve and maximize your chances for success, making us one of the top music production schools online.

Is music production in high demand?

It is on VERY HIGH demand. Wether doing music for artists or film scoring, music producers are essential to creative media as copyright regulations get together and tighter with legacy materials and content creator would rather pay one-offs to producers to create original music rather than pay a super expensive license fee for a famous song.

Is online music production training worth it?

There's many reasons why people choose study online with us vs traditional music production schools: it is more affordable (you don't have to get into debt), it is faster paced (you can learn at your own pace) & you'll be more prepared than 99% of all other engineers coming from traditional music production schools (we will teach you all of our cumulative knowledge from running professional commercial studios and working on major production peojects).

I can’t find a certificate program for my DAW!?

Bummer! We're expanding our course & certificat catalog every day. If we still don't have anything for your DAW, please get in touch with us and submit a request to include your DAW in our next builds. If we receive enough requests, we'll build programs for it!

Pro Tools Certification
Does the certification include the Pro Tools Software?

Sadly it doesn't. If you don't own a copy of Protools, we recommend purchasing a license or subscription directly from Avid.

I already use Pro Tools. Can I just take the exams?

Unfortunately, no. To be qualified for examination, Avid mandates that the student be enrolled in a certified course and receive a textbook from an Avid Certified Instructor.

Can I just go straight to Production 1 & 2?

Production 1 & 2 have Fundamentals 1 & 2 as prerequisites, meaning you'll have to take PT101+PT110 first in order to qualify for entrance into the production program.

How long are the certificate programs?

It really depends on teh level of certification you're looking to achieve but it can range form 24 to 72 hours of instruction.

Where are the exams administered?

Every exam for a course is proctored online via Zoom.

How do I take my exams?

After receiving access to your course materials and completing the Pro Tools Certified Training, you'll need to get in touch with us to start preparing for your Avid exam(s).

Music Business
Can I obtain a music business degree online?

You can most definitely obtain online certification from us through our professional certificate programs.

Music business degree jobs: what can I do after certification?

We'll prepare you for the real world so you'll be ready to tackle anything you want to pursue. It is really up to what your passion is focused one. Some people are really into management, some people use their music business skills for their own production/audio studios. One thing is forsure: with the knowledge you'll receive from us, you'll be in the top 1% of the music industry & ready to elevate your professional music career.

Music business degree salary: how much money can I win?

It truly depends on your activity & personal journey. Usually the amount of money you can produce is directly proportional to your personal level of success measured by your track record and tangible completed projects. But it is usually way over $30/hour.

Is a music business degree worth it?

If you're serious about becoming a music professional then you definitely have to invest in yourself. It will be 100% worthwhile.

Jobs for music business degree: what can I do?

There's ton of options but usually people tend to flock to music management & publishing.